Looking Ahead for 2022


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I'm sharing some insider secrets and top tips about the conversations I've been having. Im' sharing some of the trends I've seen and the issues that people tell me they have in their organisations.

I also share some of the top requests for wellbeing and the one top tip that I have that includes my free gift to you too!

Did you know that 45% of employees reported feeling emotionally drained from work since the pandemic began?

Listen in where I share one particularly interesting aspect of wellbeing that I had not thought about and hear what I did to help some law and housing organisations be able to cope with this issue.

January and the New Year always seems a fitting time to think about goals and changes for the year ahead, and this is why I share my ONE thing I think you need to think about when looking ahead for 2022. My 7 steps to Winning Wellbeing pack is a pdf and podcast episode sharing key aspects that need to be included so that you don't need to think about it. (see links at the end)

I run through some of the top wellbeing workshops that I'm delivering right now and why these are being asked for.

Finally, don't forget to ensure that you equip your leaders to be able to support your people. I'm getting more enquiries from people looking for leadership coaching so that they prevent burn out and are able to support their people, so ensure that is included too when you are looking ahead in 2022.

For the 7 Steps to Winning Wellbeing Plan listen to this episode.

Contact me at emma@emmalangton.com for a copy of the pdf guidance on the same subject.

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