Leaving Religion & Those We Leave Behind


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After leaving the Mormon religion several years ago I have not only gone through my personal journey but now, as a Shamanic practitioner, have also helped others in their process. This podcast is for those of you that are leaving Mormon religion and are looking for a place to find connection to others, through their stories, but also to find healing. To find a place that allows you to not feel so alone in your process and to offer insights as to how others have moved through the death process (because leaving religion is like a death) as smoothly as possible. This podcast is not a place for putting anything down or for bashing on a religion, but of empowerment and knowing you too can get through this and do it beautifully. As we leave, often times there are those that we leave behind. Our families are an important part of this process and are now involved, even if you recognize it or not. My desire is to share some perspectives from both sides to offer new insights and ways of seeing each other so that more love and acceptance can be had from both sides.

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