The Atacama Desert, Another Planet on Earth (El Desierto de Atacama, Otro Planeta Dentro de la Tierra)


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The deserts across the planet are some of the most majestic and impressive destinations you will ever witness; Latin America is no exception. But there is one specific Latin American desert that has managed to blow the minds of even the highest level of scientists on the globe: The Atacama Desert.

Known for being the most arid (driest) desert outside of Antarctica, Atacama has still managed to sustain life, and is the place where you are most likely to have the best visibility of distant stars and galaxies – so much, in fact, that NASA extensively studies space from there.

Furthermore, its potential for tourism is so high that more and more people are crossing Chile and South America to visit it every year. Want to know more? Listen to our latest episode of Learn Spanish with Stories and enjoy!

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