Haiti, Resilience in the Face of Tragedy (Haití, Resiliencia Ante la Tragedia)


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Haiti – when you hear the name of this nation, what comes to mind? Usually, you can recall the hurricanes, earthquakes and other horrific tragedies that have hit the island and its people, plunging them further into a state of despair and disaster that they have suffered for decades now.

But Haiti is much more than disaster, pain and suffering. It is a nation with a rich history full of bravery and valor, in which the populace had to fight for its rights and throw off the yoke of French tyranny, along with other colonizers (including the United States!)

In our latest episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast, Episode 33, we venture to this French-speaking part of Hispaniola – an island shared with Dominican Republic, by the way – and learn of the Haitian resilience before tragedy, invasion and political crisis, throughout several centuries of history.

Transcript of this episode is available at: https://podcast.lingomastery.com/listen/1071

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