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Learning American slang can help you speak English more comfortably. In this lesson I talk about 5 American slang terms that can help you sound more natural. I talk about how things like Coca-Cola might hit a little different if you drink it from a glass bottle and not a plastic bottle. We can also say no cap when we really mean something. Or if you don't believe something, you can call it "sus." One thing you never want to be when you are trying to get a date with a woman is a simp.

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0:00-0:32- Introduction to American Slang 0:33-1:46 American Slang What Does It Just Hits A Little Different Mean? 1:47-3:15 American Slang What Does No Cap Mean in English? 3:16-3:57 American Slang What Does Sus Mean in English? 3:58-4:47 American Slang What Does Simp Mean in English?

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