Share Your Story! We Need Accurate Narratives of the School Library (with Courtney Pentland)


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Title of the podcast: Share Your Story! We Need Accurate Narratives of the School Library (with Courtney Pentland)

Short Summary: In the best of times, school librarians must be continuous advocates for materials and resources, funding, collaboration, technology, and more. School librarians are one of the only teaching positions in the school that need to continually justify not only their needs but also their existence. With increased attacks on intellectual freedom and proposed legislation in states across the country that will affect school libraries and librarians, it is even more important now that we take back the narrative about what school libraries and school librarians do and provide for their school communities. We cannot let others’ voices who are willfully ignorant about our work drive the conversation. We must continuously share our own stories to ensure that accurate narratives of the school library are part of local and national conversations.

Episode Notes:

Guest Name: Courtney Pentland

Guest work information/location: High school librarian in Nebraska

AASL Chapter Delegate for Nebraska School Librarians Association

Guest social media:

Twitter: @livluvlibrary

Future Ready Schools Website:

Twitter: @FutureReady, @ShannonMMiller

Instagram: @FutureReadySchools, @ShannonMMiller


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