Running a Sustainable Business Is Good for the Bottom Line


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At beer giant AB InBev, the company is focused on farming methods that conserve water. That's just the start of its focus on sustainability. And on this episode of Leadership Next, CEO Michel Doukeris tells Alan Murray this focus is not a passing fad.

"We, as a company, have been doing this for many, many years," Doukeris says. "And we do this, first, because it's good for the business. Every time that you can be more efficient, you are doing something that is good to your business."

Doukeris has been in the CEO role for just over a year, but has spent 26 years at the company. He shares his career journey to AB InBev's top job, discusses his approach to leading a global company and explains why the brand's digital platform could one day eclipse its current beverage business.

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