The Conscience Code: Lead with Your Values, Advance Your Career with G. Richard Shell


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Throughout our careers, many of us will find ourselves in tough situations at work that conflict with our values. What we do in these moments defines us as people and leaders and sets a course for our future thoughts, actions, and behaviors. These moments set the tone for honesty, personal dignity, fairness, justice, character, and integrity, and the set the organizational culture for all of these virtues.
Richard Shell is the Chairperson of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at the highly esteemed Wharton School. In this episode, Richard provides a roadmap to help good people step up and do the right thing when the pressure is on. He shares actionable and practical tools to help us meet these conflicts.
His book, "The Conscience Code: Lead with Your Values, Advance Your Career" outlines his OODA Loop system founded on his 10 rules to act in good conscious. This was a great interview with so many key takeaways.
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About G. Richard Shell:
G. Richard Shell is an award-winning scholar, teacher, and author at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. This school is one of the premier business schools in the country. Richard is currently the Chairperson of Legal Studies and Business Ethics. His book is being released June 8, 2021.
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