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In this episode, Molly McGrath shares high-level hiring strategies that allow leaders to get it right the first time. Molly also shares strategies leaders can employee from the date of hire to ensure they have selected the right candidate and provides a format that makes it clear when it is time to part ways with a new employee.
During the conversation, Molly talked about the 5-minute phone interview and her 32 critical interview questions. Both are linked below.
Click here to see the transcript.
Click here to see the 5-minute interview document.
Click here to see the 32 critical interview questions.
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About Molly McGrath:
Molly McGrath is the founder of Hiring and Empowering Solutions. She created The Ultimate Smart Solution™ to help business owners and the team that supports them connect and work together to grow their business. The Ultimate Smart Solution™ provides the ingredient to stop WISHING your team would do X, Y, Z to DEPENDING on them for consistent results. Finally, someone who has your back and can speak the “Same Language” while understanding the entrepreneur world. Molly also has a National Award Winning Blog and is the author of a #1 Amazon bestseller Don't Be a Yes Chick!

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