Tom Peters & Jim Kouzes On Today’s Challenges And The Future Of Leadership


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One of the joys I get from my podcast “Leadership Biz Cafe” is that it provides me with the opportunity to speak with leadership experts and thought leaders I admire and respect. And that’s certainly the case in this very special episode of my podcast where I sit down for my first roundtable discussion with none other than Tom Peters and Jim Kouzes! Over the course of our conversation, Tom, Jim, and I discuss a number of issues that are top of mind for many leaders today, from the ongoing debate over whether to embrace hybrid work opportunities or push a Return To Work (RTO) approach, to why leading with empathy is becoming more and more critical to a leader’s ability to succeed in today’s world. What I love about this conversation with Tom and Jim is not only how illuminating the conversation was about the future of work and with it, the way leaders will be expected to lead, but it’s also a lot of fun. Jim, Tom, and I shared a lot of laughs recording this episode - both on the air and off air. To quote Tom at the end of our conversation, "it was pure, raw, unmitigated fun." So I strongly suggest you do yourself a favour and sit back and be ready to be engaged with a thoughtful, inspiring, humorous, and unexpectedly heartfelt conversation with these two giants in the leadership space. And if you enjoy this episode, please do rate and review my podcast where ever you listen to podcasts so I can continue to bring you these kinds of amazing conversations on how to improve the way you lead. Noteworthy links: Learn more about Tom’s work here: tompeters.comLearn more about Jim’s work here: in my speaking work? Learn more here: Tanveer's speaking work

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