Lara Hogan on leading effectively in a pandemic


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In this episode, Jean Hsu, VP of Engineering at Range, chats with Lara Hogan, author of Resilient Management, about how engineering managers can lead effectively a year into a global pandemic, even when they may be struggling.

Jean and Lara chat about:

  • Leaning into one-way asynchronous communication as much as possible — especially for announcements and status updates that don’t require a back-and-forth
  • Using Red-Yellow-Green check-ins in 1:1s and other situations to make it as lightweight as humanly possible to check in on your coworkers
  • Making sure your oxygen mask is on first so that you can help others
  • Defragging your calendar!

You can access Lara's Defrag Your Calendar worksheet here:
You can also try out Range for asynchronous check-ins that include red-yellow-green mood indicators.​

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