Katie Wilde on supporting your team's mental health


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In Episode 9 of Lead Time Chats, Jean Hsu, VP of Engineering at Range, chats with Katie Wilde, VP of Engineering at Buffer and co-author of "The Holloway Guide to Remote Work," about supporting your team's mental health — and your own — in what feels like this final pandemic stretch.

Jean and Katie discuss:

  • The difficulty of sitting with a sense of hope, and how this last stretch can actually seem more intolerable than the last year in a pandemic
  • Debugging when you’re feeling out of whack at work with the BICEPS framework
  • Zoom fatigue and why Kate suggests you might consider lying down on a couch for your next 1:1!
  • Work-appropriate ways to start conversations about mental health, including stoplight (red/yellow/green) check-ins
  • How managers can ensure they have emotional support through external or internal peer or professional support.
  • Unconventional ways to find social connection in a pandemic — i.e. internet friends!

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