288: How to Be Yourself and Live Your Truth


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Steven and Meg enjoyed watching the children and pets over the weekend during a Labor Day festival. Steven explores what it means to know your truth. “Any person that views all of life through the lens of unconditional love, and the boundless willingness for a gratitude in all things, attracts the abundant life, the fullest measure of their truth—and that is the truth that sets a person free from the fear of any type of failure.
We are metaphysical, spiritual Beings having a natural experience. So here we are. Immersed within a realm which presents two choices. We can live by what we see and hear, by the constructs of the ego, or, we can make the choice to live our lives by faith, looking within for the truth of Light and Love. And here’s the most exciting part of the truth that sets you free.
It’s not by the works of your genius, your abilities alone, that manifests your best dreams and imaginations. It’s your trust in the work of Light and Love, to attract healing, wealth, joy, happiness, peace and the abundance of anything you can think of or imagine. The biggest part of you—is not you. The instigator is you, and through the power of your Kinetic Belief---The universe, which is the storehouse for your extravagance, releases the abundance of what God, who is the author and finisher of unconditional Love—first imagined for every spiritual Being, having a human experience, to enjoy. But the joy that abundant life produces, in enjoyed. It attracts and manifests from within. Look there—and you will find it—in abundance.”
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