278: How Love Activates the Law of Attraction


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Steven and Meg talk about different ways people love. Steven shares the essence of Higher Love and the creative power it wields. “Simply saying to someone, that you love them, is not in of itself….love. It’s just as easy to say that you love the circus, you love chocolate cake, you love to go swimming, you love to ride horses, you love a good horror movie, and you love the person you’re with? So what is it…you’re in love with a horror show? No. The kind of love that is authentically…the essence of your Higher Being, the creative love that uniquely, beautifully, adorned you with the life blood of a one of a kind master piece—that has the authority within you and the dominion within you to attract and manifest whatever you Kinetically Believe to receive is never envious of others, it’s not resentful of what other people have. Creative love is always ready to believe the Love and Light that is dwelling within others, rather or not it has transcended to their place of higher authority. The manifesting power of love always hopes for and expects the best, knowing that all things are advancing toward perfected completion…while knowing that the best—is always yet to come.”
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