274: Empowering Your Imagination to Manifest


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Steven and Meg both love the gift of surprises and they explore their attitudes together. Steven shares the empowering presence of—presence.
“The way forward in the awakened state of Being is without judgment, which produces freedom from condemnation and the exhaustion of egoic reasonings. Life-times are consumed by the fires of contempt regarding who’s right and who’s wrong. The linguistics of debate are formed and reformed, not satisfied with replicated imitations of consciousness, which may produce temporary enjoyment, circumstantial happiness, pharmaceutically induced health, and war torn peace.
In the same way children will possess their toys from the shrill of “mine”, egoic possessions develop from adolescence into adulthood, with the practice of maturity employing the same madness of identification with things, with merit, with worthiness and rank.
The state of unconscious desire is unawakened to the inner genius of purpose. The illusory of identifying with possessions veil the fullness of that which is hidden from within.”
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