272: The 5 Modalities of Kinetic Belief


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Steven and Meg consider the possibility of alien life existing among us…or in some distant galaxy. A listener asked, “What are the five modalities of Kinetic Belief?”
Steven guides us through the faithfully—incontrovertible truths regarding the applicability of Kinetic Belief modalities for manifesting desires. “While there are many insights to Kinetic Belief…there are five basic modalities that the hundreds of additional insights can be categorized as subset consequences.
For those of you who are ready to begin practicing Kinetic Belief, I do recommend the Law of Attraction guided journal which is available on our website.
The guidance is daily…as it coaches you through various stages of enlightenment for 100 days.
I designed the guidance to support you in the process of conscious awakening.
We have some advanced KB’s who are on they’re fifth and sixth journals. And the reason is….becoming enlightened changes your reality. As your perspective changes, the way you process information is totally different then the way you previously processed information in a day you lived 30 days ago. The change in perspective is actually profound.
So the coaching…the guidance of awakening while journaling through the process…is highly effective.”
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