Reissue: Emily Hersh on Whether Latin America Can Power Up Its Lithium Prospects


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Latin America in Focus is taking a break to recharge and we’re reissuing one of our favorite episodes this year. We hope you get a chance to take time off and that you can join us for new episodes soon about Brazil’s elections, Chile’s constitutional vote, and more. Demand for lithium is expected to keep growing exponentially in the race to ensure we can power our smartphones, laptops, and electric vehicles. That could be a boon for Latin American economies, home to the lithium triangle countries of Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile. But of course, things aren’t always that simple. Luna Lithium’s Emily Hersh talks with AS/COA’s Carin Zissis about statist approaches, environmental worries, community concerns, and prospects for a lithium OPEC. The music featured in this podcast is “Labyrinth” (Pinna) by Franco Pinna for Americas Society En Casa series. Watch the video:

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