E9. Rob Lea and Caroline Gleich: Ultimate Outdoor Couple


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Imagine climbing Mount Everest. Then think about swimming the English Channel. If that's not enough, how about riding your bike across America. That was last summer for Park City triathlete Rob Lea. Oh, and let's not forget the August wedding!

Rob Lea and Caroline Gleich are Utah's true adventure couple. Gleich, a noted ski mountaineer, joined fiancé Rob for the Everest climb. On May 24, they stood together atop the world's highest peak, gazing out across the vast expanse of the Himalayas. Just six weeks later, Caroline was in the boat documenting Rob's swim from Britain to France - the first time anyone had done Everest and the English Channel in that short a span of time. Lea wrapped up his Ultimate World Triathlon in September, riding from the Pacific Ocean to Nantucket.

It all began when Lea learned that an injury was going to cause him to give up his passion for triathletes. So he wanted to go out with a bang. And, along the way, help raise awareness for gender equality.

Last Chair's Tom Kelly will explore Rob and Caroline's ultimate summer adventure, as well as diving into her own passion for big mountain skiing in the Wasatch. The couple will share their backcountry outing in Little Cottonwood earlier that day, plus fun things they love in the show-closing lightning round.

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