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This is My WHY! I am a 26-year-old licensed healthcare and social services professional and the proud Holistic Healer of Umoja's Wombniverse LLC. I am also an activist, artist, loving, assertive, passionate, and hard working Black/Indigenous wombman reclaiming her voice & safe spaces for professional women of color to rant without judgement & fear of being misunderstood. I am here to share my personal story in a way that allows me to free up myself while being private AND provide resources, tips, & bridge gaps in my various communities on taboo topics that others are too nervous to touch on surrounding health & wellness in Black/Indigenous communities across the nation. Please consult your primary care physician, an herbalist, and/or trusted healthcare professional before trying any of the things mentioned for your safety. Disclaimer: This podcast is for entertainment, community, resources, sharing my Masters program research in how it correlates to My WHY and support purposes. These segments are not for health education purposes. Please view the website for professional insights.

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