“Talking Facts” (w/ Matt & Bowen)


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Hello to everyone out there. Let’s talk facts. This episode? It’s a culture catch up- live from the HOT SET Of Fire Island in the Pines, the boys chat about Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s vaccinated and therefore swollen testicle and how it caused the dissolution of an engagement, the Met Gala, the return of The Real Housewives Salt Lake City, Kacey’s star-crossed, dream Elphabas, new music from Muna, Chloe and Charli XCX, and insects that bite. Also, thoughts on the big upcoming Las Culturistas Culture Awards, and a special guest who pops in, sticks around and even does an I Don’t Think So Honey! Spoiler alert: it’s Joel Kim! Ya simply musta listën!

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