"I Think You Owe Me An Apology" (w/ Dave Holmes)


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Las Cultch welcomes an effortless fount of pop culture Dave Holmes! Matt, recovered from food poisoning, and Bowen, fucked and ready for work, get into it with Dave about the Britney of it all, American Crime Story: Impeachment and the lean cuisine culture it depicts, the paparazzi industry and how it's evolved with social media this century, what the hell it felt like being an MTV VJ, the original broadway cast of ANNIE and the women of variety in the 70's. Also, a story about Christina Aguilera that will send a chill up your damn spine, a Prince quote you will never forget, and an explanation of what it feels like when Tori Amos looks at you. This episode of the podcast is going to flood your guts. (Sorry!!!!)

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