Cari Champion on 'The Cari Champion Show' and Much More


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Larry is joined by television personality and journalist Cari Champion. They start their conversation by discussing her new venture, 'The Cari Champion Show' on Amazon Prime Video. They then pivot to the controversial Jerry Jones photo, Lebron James's subsequent comments, and the journalistic double standards that arise in these instances (5:37). Next, they dive into the firestorm surrounding Kanye West's recent diatribes and discuss the implications and consequences of these troubling actions (30:51). After the break Cari talks about some of the challenges of being a woman in the world of sportscasting and speculates on what lies ahead for her illustrious career (40:50). They end the pod by examining the state of their beloved Los Angeles Lakers (50:55).

Host: Larry Wilmore

Guest: Cari Champion

Associate Producer: Chris Sutton

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