#72 Jeremy Bardo on Going Viral in Another Language


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Benny Lewis and Shannon Kennedy chat with musician and translator Jeremy Bardo about his experience going viral with a Spanish language music video. We also discuss the myth of the language gene and finding joy in embarrassing moments.

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Episode Overview

Some of the topics brought up during the interview are:

  • The myth of the “language gene”
  • Overcoming perfectionism by finding joy in embarrassing moments
  • Finding balance in your language studies
  • The power of technology in language learning
  • Cognates and how they can help you
  • Using a Spanish phrase book as a conversation starter
  • How learning languages helps you become a more compassionate language teacher
  • Important qualities language teachers should have
  • Identifying when an error is important and deserves feedback with your students
  • Using your interests to learn languages
  • Recording music and going viral in your non-native language
  • Finding a foothold in a new language with just a few words

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