Podbike Launch and Review!


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We cover the launch of the production Podbike Frikar with our German reporter and velomobile expert Josef Janning. He takes a test ride and has an interview with founder Per Sorenson. Next we take a wider look at these "Velocar" type vehicles with professor Craig Cornelius including their history and future. Mathieu Aubel from HP Velotechnik reveals their new Hand Powered Trike Adapter and bookending all this is Honza Galla with the latest recumbent news and Denny Voorhees/Larry Seidman reporting on the latest competitive events in the bent world.
**Table of Contents for this month’s video**
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:50 What’s on Today’s Show
00:02:15 Panel Introduction
00:04:55 Sponsor Introduction
00:06:25 Recumbent News in 5 with Honza Galla
00:12:50 Dr. Craig Cornelius-A Close look at the Velocar Past and Present
00:36:10 Discussion of Velocars with Doug Davis, Josef Janning, and Honza Galla
00:46:50 Josef Janning-Interview with Podbike founder Per Sorenson
01:05:35 Josef Janning-First look at the production Podbike Frikar from official Launch Day
01:12:13 Discussion of Podbike Frikar with Doug Davis, Josef Janning and Craig Cornelius
01:37:38 Mathieu Aubel-HP Velotechnik introduces new Hand Powered Trike Adapter
01:44:27 Denny Voorhees-Interviews Cliff Federspiel Cruzbike 12 hour World Champ competitor
01:53:20 Larry Siedman-Senior Games report on Nevada, Utah and Mississippi
02:00:05 Sponsor Thank
02:01:54 Coming up next month
02:02:50 Goodbye to panel and crew
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