Carolyn Lowe - Marketing Consultant Turned CEO


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Carolyn is the CEO and Founder of ROI Swift, an agency made up of digital marketing experts who are passionate about growing small and medium-sized businesses. She worked many years for Dell and then eventually moved into the marketing consulting space. Carolyn is also the author of “Business Do’s and Absolute Don’ts: Applied Wisdom from my work with Dell, Costco, Amazon, and multiple startups”. Carolyn will discuss how the pandemic has affected the supply chain and how companies should really utilize e-commerce, especially during the holidays.
Carolyn Lowe Bio:
Founded in 2015, ROI Swift is an agency made up of fun and approachable digital marketing experts who are passionate about growing small and medium businesses. They offer expert management in Google Adwords, Google Shopping, remarketing, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Pinterest – pretty much every digital platform – and take pride in their results.
ROI Swift was started with one goal: to help small and medium businesses grow through profitable paid advertising vehicles. They were tired of seeing small companies waste money with clueless marketing firms. Emerging brands need a strategic partner that will put them on the same playing field as the big businesses. That’s what they do. When you hire them, you get a responsive team that’s passionate about working with you. Their goal is to grow 1000 emerging brands by 2030.
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