Building A Real Estate Business With Tik Tok Leads-Tyler Hassman- EP 165


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On this episode of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast. Jeff is talking with Tyler Hassman. How can you create your own brand by simply making videos on social media? How many editing and camera skills do you need to start a TikTok video? Jeff and Tyler share how Tik Tok has helped them evolve their business in a cost-effective and efficient way. Tune in now.

Episode highlights:

  • Tyler has been a licensed realtor since September, it’s almost been 6-7 months and he is originally from Regina, in Canada.
  • Tyler takes a bunch of courses. He wanted to get into real estate, and he met a mentor who was buying apartment buildings doing joint venture partnerships where someone puts the sweat equity, and you will find the investor with the money, and you mash together. So, Tyler did that and just hustled for three years with his business partner when they were both 18-19 years old and they ended up buying seven apartment buildings.
  • Tyler was super rich on paper. The bank counter told me it was all equity. It’s all about net worth and he needed some serious cash flows.
  • Tyler started renting properties, then subleasing them and doing Airbnb management. He did that for a while in Scottsdale, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary
  • Tyler was with his girlfriend and business partner from there they then went down to Costa Rica and got a hotel. They were managing over 100 units, including the apartment buildings, in three different countries and then COVID hit exactly two years ago.
  • Because of Covid they had to come back because there was only one flight left and they left everything down there. Tyler still has n't been back and they lost everything down there. It is devastating, a ton of money is lost.
  • Because of Covid, Tyler shifted to Calgary because Calgary is such a growth city. For a year he was doing consulting, helping other real estate investors.
  • Tyler gets a lot of big Instagram pages in Calgary and explains how it works.
  • Before you even get a posting, you need to make a vision board of your brand. Tyler’s girlfriend was the one that made this machine. She got his license. The first thing a lot of people invest in is probably ads or some training modules.
  • When it comes to making TikTok videos you need to just not care, because at the end of the day, he didn’t care because he is authentic. So, he will have hundreds of people who will love it and there will be that one person that doesn’t like it.
  • Anybody that is ahead of you is not going to talk down about you because they are too focused on building themselves and creating it. Everyone else that is going to be making these comments, they are going to be below you.
  • When creating videos all that you should do is be comfortable. Don’t be a follower. You don’t have to be a follower because you go to a networking event and everybody is dressed a certain way, that doesn’t mean you have to do that.
  • When you have an identity and when you have a brand, when you are visible on social media, it makes connecting with people so much easier and so much stronger.
  • Tyler explains tricks to make the perfect video and how it is important to not focus on yourself.
  • People don’t care about you. They don’t care about your brokers. They don’t care about your sales history. They are already swiping. They want the house tour, but you are putting yourself first and not them first.
  • In order to make videos with your brand in today’s marketing, you have to have basic editing skills. You don’t have to have advanced skills, but you have to have some basic skills. What are they?
  • There is going to come a time because it’s all cyclical, the way all markets run and there is going to come a time when there’s not a lack of inventory and there’s going to be too much inventory.
  • Price sells homes. It doesn’t matter what marketing tools you have. Price sells homes but what is priceless is eyeballs. People are coming to you now because you get the eyeballs.
  • A lot of agents that have been out for a while and big businesses, there are so many other things going on for them. Tyler is starting to realize this service. That is why he has a team now built so they can help service all the clients.
  • Tik Tok is the new door knocking, Tik Tok is the new fire. Tik Tok is the new everything.
  • Tyler loves being on camera and stuff. His strategy is that he wanted to have a TV show on Netflix. That is kind of the next big thing that he wants to achieve.
  • Take what other people are doing which is working, put your own character in it and do it.
  • Put everything on one page. Be who you are. Let that shine and then the big thing is to if you ever switch industries.

3 Key Points:

  1. Tyler has almost 1000 leads that are well qualified and he has now built a team because he can’t handle all the business. He is also teaching them to do the same thing and now they are generating leads.
  2. Tyler explains how all of his leads come from Tik Tok or Instagram.
  3. You are going to have haters, especially if you are having success on Social Media. They have their own insecurities. That is why they are doing it or they are threatened by you.

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