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Tu programa hecho a tu medida, oyelo te enganchara .Dedicado al mundo del rock y heavy metal, Cada semana repasamos novedades y mucho más. LA HORA DEL ROCK.164 Crystal Ball - Crysteria (2022)\12 - Crystal Heart (Bonus Track). Crystal Ball - Crysteria (2022)\02 - You Lit My Fire. Kreator - Hate Über Alles (Single) (2022)\01 Hate Über Alles. Jolly Joker Loud & Proud\1 I Don´t Care. The Poodles\2006 - Metal Will Stand Tall (Japanese Edition)\03. Night of Passion. Persefone - Metanoia (2022)\02 - Katabasis. RED SHARK\07 - THE DEATH RIDES. Serious Black - Vengeance Is Mine (2022)\05 Ray of Light.m Jevo-06-Plandemia LA CIFRA NEGRA Palacio de Sombras 06 no vamos bien Solarus - A Dance With Tragedy (2021)\01 - Waking Mind. Wendy O. Williams - Live To Rock (Compilation)\Disc One\07. Bump and Grind. Scream Maker - Bloodking\02 - Scream Maker - Mirror, Mirror (Studio). Chris Holmes - Unbearable Influences (2021)\07. I Am What I Am. Steve Vai - Inviolate (2022)\05 - Apollo In Color. 4 BAJO ZERO PRESA O RIVAL. Battle Beast\2022 - Circus of Doom\06. Russian Roulette. TalaioT-Repressio i Revolta Copia Digital\Talaiot - II Repressio i Revolta CD_06 Infiltrat. Feuerschwanz - Memento Mori (Deluxe Version) (2021)\CD2\02 - Warriors of the World United Feat. Angus Mcfife, Saltatio Mortis, Melissa Bonny Battle Beast\2022 - Circus of Doom\05. Eye of the Storm. Ashes Of Ares - Emperors And Fools (2022)\09 The Iron Throne. KLASSIK _78 - Phantoms (2022)\Klassik _78 - 04 - Queen of Hearts. MAGNUN The Monster Roars\07 - That Freedom Word Dekta - When Everything Burns (2021)\Dekta - When Everything Burns (2021)\03 - Dekta - These Walls. RONNIE ATKINS UNSUNG HEROES. Hypocrisy - Worship (2021)\04. Dead World. Saxon - Carpe Diem (2022)\01 - Carpe Diem (Seize the Day). Saltimbankya - Pomba Gira's Vision (2021)\02 - Asylum.

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