ChatGPT "Is Gonna' TOOK OUR JOBS" A Discussion on Creative Destruction - Ep 331


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ChatGPT is the potential "google killer" an AI technology that can eloquently write responses to your inquiries.
Is this something people should be worried about? Is it going to take your job? Maybe.
We have all heard people declare a job "beneath them." It always comes across as entitled and ridiculous... Well MANY MANY jobs throughout the history have fallen "beneath" humanity because of new technology.
Don't fear tech. Don't fall beneath humanity. Don't even fear for people who do. It works out better for everyone when the market rejects the status quo for something better. Better yet, be responsible for the disruption. You are SERVING humanity when you do.
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DISCLAIMER! I am NOT your financial advisor or business consultant. Do YOUR OWN research. I advocate heavily that you should make intelligent and informed decisions based on YOUR OWN understanding or hire someone that does this for you. Don’t take me out of context and make dumb decisions. Always consider YOUR OWN SITUATION before implementing strategies shared on KKRS. When in doubt, remember Kyle is conservative and will always choose to live another day over imprudent “YOLO” decisions.
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