Kray Z Comics and Stories 562: Big News For Comics and Wrasslin’


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This week, Joe and Cory!! saddled up to do reviews of the comics that have been piling up around them. However, Joe, as always, sidetracked the conversation and Cory!! lost all control of things, threw out the format and instead, they talked about stuff going on in comics. That’s right, it’s a comics NEWS show. They discuss:

  • Local comic conventions
  • Various Diet Sodas are discussed
  • Tim Sale has passed away
  • The College of Comic Book Knowledge is moving out of Uptown Minneapolis for the first time in over 30 years
  • The cover of Dark Knight #1 sells for record amount and other original art for sale
  • A friend of Joe getting his comic “The Eye of Odin” published by Image
  • Vince McMahon and his troubles with having an affair with a subordinate

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!

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