Kray Z Comics and Stories 560: Free Comic Book Day Comics 2022


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We bought a copy of EVERY Free Comic Book Day comic so we could go through them and review them for you. And we are completists like that. But, this week, Kray Z Joe Rider and Cory!! review a big old handful of the free comic book day comics and let you know if they are interested in the series they promote and if they did a good job of making us anticipate them!

Books that they review:

  • Tex in the Land of the Seminole
  • The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Comics
  • Diana Princess of the Amazons
  • Tempest Tossed
  • Bunny Mask Tales
  • Hollow
  • 10 Ton Press Presents
  • Clementine – Skybound Comet

They also discuss:

  • More than you would ever want to know about Alex Saluga
  • Joe gives an update on his hernia surgery
  • Bargains are dropping at some local comic shops
  • Joe Quesada has left Marvel comics
  • How Quesada saved Marvel

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!

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