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Challenging Conventional Wall Street wisdom about retirement planning and exposing bad advice from Financial Entertainers. Maximizing Retirement income and protecting assets from creditors, predators, lawsuits and judgments does not happen with a product or discount offer online. You must have an integrated approach. As a Paralegal and a Certified Financial Planner®, Kraig is uniquely able to assist clients with the careful preparation of retirement income, asset protection and estate plans. Kraig uses a team approach and leverages over 120 years of combined legal and financial services experience. Thanks to the death of private pensions, the devaluation of Social Security benefits and other undeniable retirement factors such as inflation and increased taxes, America is now in a retirement income crisis. Kraig Strom is focused on helping you pack your bags for both halves of the retirement journey. Kraig's mission is help you build & protect your wealth and lifestyle today and generationally. Along the way, Kraig is ready to assist with all matters related to your financial wellbeing as well as your business and family legal needs. DISCLOSURE: KRAIG IS THE INCOME ENGINEER BUT HE IS NOT AN ATTORNEY OR A CPA. KRAIG STROM IS A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER PROFESSIONAL AND A PARALEGAL. PLEASE DO NOT CONSIDER THINGS ON THIS SHOW AS ADVICE. PLEASE SPEAK WITH A QUALIFIED CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER OR LEGAL PROFESSIONAL BEFORE MAKING ANY FINANCIAL or LEGAL DECISIONS. Retirement | Retirement Income | 401k | Defined Benefit | Cash Balance | Non-Qualified | Insurance Benefits | Annuity | Life Insurance | Long Term Care | Disability Insurance | Investment Portfolio Review | Captive Insurance | Asset Protection

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