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This episode opens with the girls reflecting on celebrating their birthdays and turning 35 (0:46). The looks and energy at the inauguration was all so good (2:39), and they wonder what it would be like to be the White House Stylist (4:33). Kia shares her thoughts on the Ashanti and Keyshia Cole verzuz battle, and Vic tells her thoughts on influencers getting media training (06:18). How is social media affecting our brains (10:37). Vic shares her new loc journey (12:50). Should your whole social media identity be about one thing (14:01). Instagram is not happy with Reels(19:31). The girls talk about all the new Instagram updates (21:50). Vic reveals she may not want to be an influencer anymore (23:10), and Kia rates Vic’s Instagram (28:00). The girls answer the Question of the Week and talk about reinventing yourself(34:38). The girls talk about the Bali woman scandal (36:21). What to do when your video goes viral (44:44), Should people with large followings share their views and opinions (48:30). The girls chat about social media and kids today (55:47), and the importance of parental support (58:00). The girls chat about what types of content men creators should be tapping into (1:02:04). We polled our audience on their thoughts about travel during the pandemic (1:04:17). How can you mentally prepare for another year of lockdown (1:05:23). Content creation is pivoting towards wellness and self-care (1:06:00). The girls discuss wellness for Black women (1:08:31). What does it mean to be truly authentic online (1:13:24). The episode wraps with the block of the week, the follow of the week, and this week’s black owned businesses (1:20:40).

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