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Episode 8 begins with the girls recapping episode 7 (1:41), and emphasizing the importance of showing your work on your Instagram page (1:49). The girls dive right in to talking about show Fake Famous (5:35). They touch on the opportunities that could be opened based on followers, and the way Instagram has changed over the years, what they recently learned about internet bots (8:17), the toxicity of influencer trips (11:00), and the importance of cultivating relationships with brands (11:40). They touch on the topic of waking up with a million followers, a carry over from episode 7 (15:04). Vic and Kia give their thoughts on the new film Malcolm and Marie (18:59). Zara is coming out with a beauty line (21:29). The Queens both share their thoughts on the Gorilla Glue hair debacle that everyone is talking about (23:20). The Super Bowl was a bit different this year— The Weeknd performed, equality was a hot topic, and it seemed COVID didn’t exist (31:27). Instagram is considering stopping the ability to share feed posts to stories and the girls recount what effect that could have on creators (35:01). Instagram is also moving to have the ability to recover deleted photos (38:08), other updates (39:17), and the option to hide or unhide likes (40:07). Should Influencers explain to their audience how the algorithm affects their work? (41:58). Twitter is considering a new subscription service and the girls both agree they wouldn’t pay for it (43:57). Kia spills the tea on the new app HIVE (44:38). Should Influencers have a National day off (46:37). Vic and Kia talk about how they both start their mornings with or without social media (50:19). The duo answer audience questions about engagement (54:18) and how to store old video content (57:48), and how to get noticed by brands (1:00:28). The girls vent a little bit about PR packages and the best practices for declining them (1:01:30). Vic opens up about having Imposter Syndrome and Kia gives some suggestions on how to overcome it (1:09:45), and they talk about how brands can do better with diversity and working with black creators (1:12:49). And Kia’s block of the week is Target with their Black History Month collection (1:16:57). The episode wraps with encouraging words (1:20:34).

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