Stacking Ants 2 - Episode 638- The Knitmore Girls


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On the Needles:(0:40)

Genevieve wound Seismic Yarns,Seismic Butter Sock, in "OOak" (Jasmin suspects it's a prototype of "Escape") Gigi finished the Musselberg hat by Ysolda with the blue Oink yarn (January's Yarn of the Month) Genevieve wound Oink Pigments, Dapper, in "Give Peeps a Chance" Gigi finished a sock for Andrew, knitted the foot up to toe decreases. Jasmin has finished the body of her Theano test knit, and is almost at the ribbing. Gigi cast on a Musselburg hat out of pink and orange (June's Yarn of the Month) Oink yarn, and is getting close to the decreases. Jasmin sewed the pockets to the body of Genevieve’s Pantastic Hoodie, and picked up and knit the zipper facings. Genevieve is working on her Lisa Souza BFL "Spruce" colored Beanie

In Stitches:(0:32)

Genevieve wore her Zebra Socks, her Anna Cardigan, her Gryffindor Hat , and her pink beanie she made herself.

Gigi used her Cal King quilt and her Halloween quilt.

Jasmin wore her Blossom pullover.


Stash Dash is being hosted on DISCORD

Jasmin has posted her Stash Dash spreadsheet here

2020 Summer Olympics will began on Friday, July 23, 2021

Bay Area Fiber Fair - JUNE 25 - SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

RHINEBECK! October 16-17 2021

Mother Knows Best:(14:58)

Keep wearing your masks.

When Knitting Attacks:(23:16)

Jasmin’s Akerworks bobbin breaks WHILE she’s spinning on it.


#PanatheKnit #TeamSasquatch: A little spinning for the Incredibles sweater set

Lisa Souza Ultrafine Australian Merino Roving, some white cormo

Blair Auclair's Ranch (Radicle Herbs)

Knits in Space:(30:02)


And Sew On: (40:13)

Jasmin is hand sewing a buttonhole on her friend’s Favorite Sweater

Ray's Sewing

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