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Stepping out into a new phase of a dream...Can bring the daunting doubts and overbearing onslaught of negative chatter in your brain.

I’ve been stepping out into a new venture in addition to the Kingdom Mentor Academy with Voice Overs. What is that exactly?

It’s the voice you hear behind that commercial or in that YouTube video commercial.

When I retired from radio a number of years ago I wanted to go into this but didn’t know how. I also had a secret (not anymore) of being a voice in a Pixar Children’s movie.

The ironic thing about that is when I first was hired by the radio station my boss was not so thrilled with my voice and suggested I voice “Adventures In Odyssey”, a children’s radio show.

That crushed me then. But I rose from there and guess what most of the comments were from listeners? They loved my voice.

So here I am. Fighting the same critics (most in my head) and facing the challenge of climbing up the Voice Over Mountain.

Daunting? Yes. Challenging? And how.

But guess what? I absolutely love doing voice overs (mostly auditions right now)

Well, I had my first bite on my Fiverr account. It’s a start.

So...I’ll simply ask you...Need a Voice Over for your video, your course, your program..?

I am here to serve you.

You can get the details in this link

Scroll down and look for the Fiverr LInks.

And thank you....

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