Your Voice: Rise Up From The Mess To A Message


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This is a set up. A set time to awaken your voice and speak hope, life and joy.
But first...You have to take care of strings hanging from your inner package. Your soul may have become unraveled from the stress, the fried, tried and crucified place of going through all the emotions from pain, uncertainty and yes the craziness going on in our country right now. (1-27-2021).
I believe the rising up means taking responsibility and staying in your lane with your voice.
“This God wraps his presence around his beloved and gives them not only a great intimacy, but a great authority. “

Brian Simmons

I share about a "you-turn" represented in what Holy Spirit downloaded to me as the FRP process:
Focus -observe the issues and jangled emotions that you need to address for correction.
R-Go ahead and feel the reality of this...pain, trauma, issue. God gave us feelings so you don't have to stuff the pain.
P-Invite the presence of Jesus to nurture you. Rest in His promises.
From this place you can take responsibility for yourself and let God be responsible for others.
The true place in the True Awakening...starts with you.
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