What Do We Do Now? The Rest To Run in 2021


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What Do We Do Now!?
I did not want to go online or say much today.

I was feeling the emotional backlash of the Georgia Senate Race not to mention two months of election drama.

But I had to say something. I stayed in my own lane understanding the 2021 Word of Rest To Run that Holy Spirit gave me needed to be walked out!

How do you position yourself to rise up with your voice?

The key...is your position as you rise by the power of The Holy Spirit resting in the promises of God!

How do you position yourself to be in the midst of the roar of fear trying to rise up from the inside of your very being?

How do you step into the confidence from your identity that is filled with revelation from Holy Spirit to break asunder the bars of fear and doubt?

The Position In Rest To Run in 2021

Hebrews 11:11 tpt
Sarah's position...amidst a huge promise to have a child and be a part of Abraham walking into the Fulfilmment of God's promise...you will be an father of multitudes....is key.

She had moments of flaking out. Yes.
But her faith embraced His miracles; she rose in authority RESTING in the promises and then...she ran (tapping into the faithfulness of God)!

Can you relate!?

Flake not. Put a stake in the ground as you

REST TO RUN in 2021!
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