Victory Over The Drama Of The Trauma


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If there is one passion that underlines helping you find your voice, I believe seeing women free from the trauma is one huge key.

I’m a Kingdom Mentor passionate to help you find your voice from a foundation of identity. I do this with the Kingdom Mentor Academy’s Redeem Your Voice Camp where we dive deep into the repair, restore, and rebuild process based on Amos 9:11.

So I knew this testimony of hope over any trauma needed to be shared with a wider audience.

So I invite you into a Redeem Your Voice Camp interview featuring Linda Riddle.

Linda Riddle has been in ministry for nearly two decades. She’s led in several key areas both in the local church and globally. She’s a writer, a Bible teacher, a prophetic voice, and an ordained minister. Her number one passion is teaching people how to operate in the ways of the Holy Spirit through the gifts of the Spirit, biblical dream interpretation, and prophetic revelation.

You can find out more about her ministry and check out some of her resources at

If you really want to surrender and have real help in walking away from the pain of the trauma, I invite you into a free Identity Blueprint.

We’ll have a cup of coffee together (over zoom camera). I’ll ask a few questions and give you a framework for breakthrough, This comes with your own Identity Blueprint and a 30 day action plan.

Click here to learn more.

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