The Identity Series: Overcoming Trauma And Mental Messes with Kathleen Scrivner


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What happens when you connect with a friend where it's 30 some years since you really talked.

Well if it's me and a golfing buddy you can bet it's going to have the three m's.

Memories galore

Metal messes abound.

Marriage help to be found.

I sat down with Kathleen Scrivner for the Identity Series on the Kingdom Mentor Podcast and I must say I found out some surprises.

For one, on top of our similar golf tour days, we both were deeply affected by the trauma of losing our dads.

We compared mental mess notes and realized we shared much the same from panic attacks on the golf course to anguish of our souls.

There are some great memories too. Kathy remembers having all these questions firing at me one after another, from death to Christianity.

Listen in as she shares what happened that da

Get a cup of coffee for this one...and enjoy deep truths about getting over the drama of the trauma, walking away from mental messes, and gaining great marital truths.

It's the Identity Series...with my guest Kathleen Scrivner.

To see pictures of our days together, click here.

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