The Great Awakening: Listen To The Vinedresser (911)


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Short and simple.

This is a time of a great awakening.
The 911 is not for you. It's a turnaround of evil being wide.

The Holy Spirit downloaded this word after I soaked in Isaiah 45.
Do not fear child. This time is for the great awakening never before seen.

I've laid the plan. I've appointed my servants to execute this move to awake the nations to my Right Hand.

Swing wide the gates of heaven. Look beloved, what I'm enfolding.

This is the true awakening

You will not be the ones paralyzed by fear. I go before you to level the mountains of deception and wickedness. It is My Hand that has turned the tide smashing gates of man made spin offs of what is true and beautiful.

Open your hands (your soul and your spirit) so I can give you the treasures of revelation, wisdom, and true love that has been hidden in darkness but now comes to light.

This is the true awakening.

These majestic moves of My love and light are so that all may now that I am the Lord, your God. I am the Vinedresser of your cares and worries, your dreams and visions.

Yes, dear one, I am calling you by name to raise your powerful voice for this work of mine. It is for the sake of the forgotten, the lost, the abused, the children, the glory.

This is the true awakening.

So raise your voice beloved and declare that I am the Lord, the true Vinedresser, and there is no other. In your "loud voice" I am setting you in places where I have equipped you to win battles. Just as far as the east is to the west I have removed your transgressions so is the same distance for you to declare who I am, and that there is no other.

This is the true awakening.

You will be the light to a world lost in darkness. You will be the salt to draw all men to my feast...Even those who have lost their appetite for a loving meal at my table. Speak child and ask God to bring an open heaven over your region so He can pour out HIS righteousness where many salvations can sprout out, faster than a Chinese virus, infecting people with the truth of my chain breaking love.

This is the true awakening.

Do you see the clenching of teeth from the wayward ones? They cannot figure out or censor my true patriots of my powerful Voice resounding from hearts ablaze for truth. They do not know their true Father, the Vinedresser. They mock and spew forth words that contain a stench of fear, doubt, and evil.

I am the one who made this earth and created people to live on it. Watch My Hand continue to move just as they did when I spoke and created the heavens and the stars at my command.

This is the true awakening.

I am raising you up dear one, lover of the Vinedresser, to fulfill my virtuous purposes. Listen for Me dear one. I will be the guide to your actions, to the words I will have you speak. I have raised you up as such a time as this...To use your voice and speak as a servant of the Lord of Heaven's armies:

This IS the true awakening...Are you ready.

Go now not in striving but abiding...

Love the Vinedresser
by @TheresaCroft

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