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If you could, what day would you choose to grow old and pass on to be withJesus?

My Aunt Polly passed on this early Easter morning.

Lots on my mind today this Easter morning. I can’t help but wonder if she walked in all her dreams.

I think she did especially with her children and grand kids.

She was an amazing cook and found much of her identity in not just the cooking but preparing the meal. She was also an amazing photographer.

Lots of memories with her.....she and Horace were always good to me...After dad passed, mom, my oldest brother and I were allowed to stay with her....for a few weeks as the tenderness of my dad was so intense.

I learned to really ride a motorcycle while staying with them despite her concern.

She welcomed my husband Dave with open arms sharing her love and kindness which was she was so well known for!

Aunt Polly used to almost always tell the story concerning my antics when my three brothers and I stayed with her one winter week as my mom was giving birth to my little brother.

With great drama she’d share how one time my brothers and me would not be quiet one night at bed time. She said she went back to the rooms to tell us to hush up. We kept acting up....

With great description she shares how she went into one room “for the laaaast time” to really give the two brothers in there the riot be quiet. And then...she went into the room where I was and was just about to yell...When she saw me.
I was kneeling in my crib in a prayer mode, hands together and moving my lips like I was praying.....

She had to get out fast as she said it was so funny while precious at same time!

After sharing, she’s simply laughs and laughs at that memory.

God bless my Uncle Horace and a legend of the Okanogan Valley passes today.

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