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I've been praying for a the Kingdom Of God.
Some thoughts...

As I have walked through dry, testing, and difficult times, the Lord has been so faithful to continue to work. I know the hardships with the virus has hit very close to home.

There has been some times, lately, where I have felt stuck, overwhelmed, as if the vines were wrapped around me keeping me from moving.

What I found was as I surrendered, I found myself in a place so close to God. Out of my desperate feelings, I became aware of His Presence, His very breath, the cadence of His voice whispering His love to me.

"Theresa..."Listen to My Voice to find your voice in this pursuit of walking in new territory.....Find the rhythm of My Voice leading you. As you live carefree in trust before Me I am ever so careful with your heart.....
"It’s not too late. You are still in your prime because your heart is mine.
Say no to striving. And yes to abiding....#theVinedresser

Can you relate to that?

Personally, I feel like He let me loose from the stuck (yuck) feeling only after I was at that place of giving up on everything.
Refreshed. Determined. Relentless...for your purpose for your voice.
That it what I feel....for you Theresa Croft
So may I invite you...September 14th at 7pm For a Find Your Voice Webinar?
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