Let's Have Coffee And Chat


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Coffee chat ...imagine we’re meeting at Starbucks or hey...right at my coffee table....

I want you to know I’d lean in...as I ask gentle questions getting you to open up.

I’m a safe place...and because you know that you let down your guard....
The Vinedresser Word that was at the end:
I heard Him say this to you as He lead you to a place of rest...

“Come close My child. The roar of the drama from your trauma moves Me not. The mess of your gaping wound is why I bid you to draw near to you. You are still My delight. One word from Me with My finished work on the cross is enough to begin the healing of your soul.

“Let me wash you and cleanse you with the blood of My sacrifice. Let me breath on you with the breath of My spirit. One confession can create a new session of abundant life for you. Draw near to Me dear one, and I will draw near to you.

“I not only provide freedom from your sins but also healing deep into your soul. You can rise from the ash of the trash others have spilled on you. I give you the power to walk in your testimony day in and day out which becomes your shining destiny...
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