It's War: Walking In Victory With Your Voice


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Are you feeling the angst of the fight…causing rivers of tears to go with your fears?
Are you tired of the manic media playing tricks with your mind.

Or...Do you feel stuck. Religion or systems of world are choking you…..

You feel held back.
Your mind is exploding.

It feels like WAR.:

This verse lit up on my i-pad as a declaration one morning. I could not budge from it as I heard Holy Spirit speak. (vinedresser word forming)

“God Almighty declares the word of the gospel with power, and the warring women of Zion deliver its message:” Psalms 68:11 TPT

I am relentless to help you find your voice, share your voice and even market your voice.

My heart for you continues to be geared up during this season to help you walk in soul health, no matter what you are having to face today.

I believe you can be restored in your identity so you can take authority over your emotions and be a part of the shift in influence today with powerful declarations.

Rest to run. Not simply to survive but thrive.

I see you!
Ok…just want to encourage you as a Godmother, as a mentor, as a dream carrier who believes in you and your dreams.

Talk soon.

In the Vine,


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