How To Sell Your Products Without Bugging Friends And Family


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I am freaking excited about this episode.
Yes. I may love to help you find your voice but when you make that decision to share and market your voice, I can be sure you have something "ordinary" that God loves to stamp His EXTRA to and you become an EXTRAordinary solution for people's pain point.
I enjoy marketing and sharing proven strategies to grow your brand. I do this through the CARE strategy.
IN this episode I'm going to lay out simple steps to get your ideal customers to know, like and trust you.
You don't have to "spam" your family and friends with your opportunity.
You CAN reach out and connect to make relationships to make clients who will embrace you and your product.
The will get excited about you, not your product.
So learn how to show all your brilliance from God and make a splash with your business, your product, your book, your coaching business...
I won't bore you with my credentials. I did help one of my clients by creating a social media platform that made them an online influencer. It was Stairway Ministries. You may not recognize that name. But they are the non-profit ministry behind Dr. Brian Simmons and The Passion Translation.
Hey. I 'm here to carry your dreams.
Check in on a Blueprint Identity call and let's talk about you and your dreams with a breakthrough model of rest to run.
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