How To Go From Worry To Refresh


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He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

The verse I’m referring to me is one that has been a reminder to keep myself full Of Him so I can pour that out as He sees fit

It might be a podcast.

It might be a IG

And it might be a simple text.

It’s this

“The generous man will be prosperous, And he who waters will himself be watered.”

Proverbs 11:25 NASB1995

So ... I was pondering all this and

He said to me....but I think He is really saying this to you.


Listen to The Vinedresser

Dear beloved...I see how you continue to walk in trust and rest. I love how you pour your life out to bless others. How you water and tend to what I have given you.

It may seem small to you. But it is not. I see you being faithful with what you think is little. It is not in My eyes.

Do you know that as you water others I will move to water and refresh you?

Yes child. My love for you always moves and aides to your greatest good.

Release your worrying and brooding emotions that are stuck in the trauma of years gone by or even days ago. I’m here to breath in you new life and hope. My wind will blow through your mind with My Presence and lift you up off the ash heap.

If you find yourself worrying, release that to me so we can together build a new thought constructively.

What is it child?

I see you wring your hands and run your hand through your hair in terror and anxiety.

Let me have your hands. Do you feel me caressing your face with them...rubbing your arms...lifting your face to see me through the veil that’s lifted...My Face smiling .,flowing with grace.

Go ahead. I’m ready for long walks and long talks with you. I am here with what feels like healing or destiny delay. You are not hidden child. I am working all things behind the scenes so you will continue be that flowing oil to share with others.

Keep being full of Me and do refresh others. Remember. I take care of the lilies in the field. How much more will I care for you. My love for you is bigger that the mountains you feel.

Believe. Therefore speak child.

You have the message, the prophetic word, the hope for a worried soul. Beauty and splendor...radiates in you. You reflect my majesty and the intentionality of My Heart.

Why? How?

You are the message. You become the revelation pouring forth the prophetic, My words. You represent the design and frequencies of heaven. You are Jesus with skin on.

So stop striving dear one. Begin abiding.

Love the Vinedresser
©Theresa M Croft
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