Turnaround: How To Defeat The Dream Killer


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Defeating the dream killer...

I had something profound happen about a month ago concerning one dream I have continued to have at least a dozen times.

I usually had this dream during stressful moments in my life.

It's actually very short but this is what it details:

I'm in college..(Albuquerque, NM) and halfway through my semester I realize I have not been to one (sometimes two classes) and I freak out because I realize I have not stepped into that classroom for that subject (usually it's an English Class).

Something happened in this dream about a month ago that was so profound. It's taken that long to really ask and listen to the meaning of it.

So in this particular dream that came again I did something different..in the dream, mind you. I went back to the teacher of each class where I had been absent for half the semester and specifically asked what I could do to make up the time missed.

Then I woke up.

What was God saying...Listen in to find the four keys and hear the story to rekindle your dreams..
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