3 Keys To Unlock Chaotic Mental Mess


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Quotes in this podcast from Dr. Caroline Leaf who has helped me tremendously. Her latest book can be ordered on amazon by clicking here.
I’m a Kingdom mentor passionate to help you get unstuck from the mental messes so you can find your voice from a foundation of Identity.

I’m also a media strategist helping women to market their voice by growing their brand online with the Care Strategy..

But i want to share part of my journey in golf to set up sharing something that will really help you manage your soul emotional and mental state with rhythm.

“When people learn how to tell their own story, their lives change in ways they never imagined.” Dr Leaf

So let’s talk a little golf. ...which is on part of my story...I I grew up ...most of my teens with a passion for this sport.

As a junior golfer I found great success on the links...but not without a price to my mind.

I remember very young I’d get so nervous before a tournament...even if I was the only girl and win is a sure thing. I'd usually settle my brain down after the first hole...I i shot and played well...then definitely that would help.

Note: My performance affected how well I would be mentally..

I’d spend many a day and night at the driving range practicing and hitting one ball after another. My motto: To be the best you have to work harder than the rest.

Note: Performance acceptance starting to hard wire into my brain.

Weight issue...up early 5:30...run 2 miles and then practice

I know much of my striving instead of abiding came from this relentless pursuit to go to college on a golf scholarship and play professionally.

Well, I accomplished both of these goals...But not dealing with my mind and emotions was my undoing. I lost my dad half way through my senior year of college. I left all those emotions buried deep in my soul. But there was one place I could not hide it...on the golf course.

For some reason...the setting where my dad was always my greatest fan....on the links...I had no control and went from an All American collegiate golfer y junio year onto another....to a wrecked shambles of a golfer. I would walk past other golf coaches, who used to acknowledge me and say something, to stone cold silence or the turn of their back hearing them whisper...”what happened to tee.”

I share this honestly because years later I can see the landscape of the wrecked mind I was trying to walk through...AND yes, I had a relationship with God.
Listen for the three keys from a Golf book which God downloaded a rhythm away from the chaotic mental mess into a sweet spot of divine destiny.
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