Again...God's Hand Has Turned The Tide


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The Tide is turning for you.

I feel this deep in my heart…especially now in light of the turmoil in the world.
I hear God's Hand has turned the tide...for you too.
What do you do now with your hope and dreams amidst so much tyranny in the world today.
Can I remind you.
You have a voice. You have a book in you. You have a business to start.

You have purpose. Do not compare yourself with others.

Listen! The tide is turning.

Listen….to the Vinedresser:
“I have turned the tide!

“You are My warrior who can flick off your enemies like flies. “I have turned the tide child.

“Just stay in the House of Wine and be found faithful to My Voice. I will lead you. I will speak through you. I will give you loyal friends of Mine who make firm commitments and follow through with them.

“Hide My words in your heart. Never forget the stirring of your spirit in the House of Wine as you connect your heart to Mine.. I have not called you to a draining life but a reigning life.

“I have turned the tide.

“Seek My wisdom. Make it your relentless quest as you look for meaning to your current circumstances. I do not see you in lack but in great wealth. I do not see you in defeat but in victory.

“Do you hear the shouts, the triumphant songs? “I have turned the tide!

“So, do not strive but abide.”
Love the Vinedresser

He is turning the tide friend!

Will you declare that.

Say it!

God has turned the tide!
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