Bethesda’s Sorry for Starfield Exclusivity - Kinda Funny Games Daily 06.17.21


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Bless and Mike talk about Pete Hines' apology to PlayStation players, Xcast's Parris Lily's Xbox showcase, and so much more in the #E32021 aftermath!

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00:02:37 - Housekeeping

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The Roper Report -

00:04:03 - Bethesda’s Sorry for Starfield Exclusivity

00:12:25 - Parris Lilly’s Xbox Showcase Recap

00:21:12 - “We know more Xbox acquisitions are incoming” - The Nano Biologist

00:26:25 - Top E3 Conference by Peak Concurrents

00:32:08 - New Xbox Game Cases In coming?

00:36:14 - Ads

00:37:35 - Back 4 Blood is always online

00:40:33 - Tetris Effect Cross-Play Incoming

00:42:29 - Knockout City Event

00:48:15 - It Takes Two… MILLION

00:51:34 - Out today

00:55:26 - You‘re Wrong

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